Kent Madsen

This is the personal page for Kent Madsen. Included are favorite pictures and information about Kent’s activities and interests.

Kent and Christine

Kent was married to Christine for 28 1/2 years, 1987 to 2014.  They live(d) in Santa Cruz County, California, near to both the beautiful waters of Monterey Bay and the equally beautiful Sequoia sempervirens, the coastal redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

During their time together, they shared their home with several dogs.  Christine brought Tara, a female liver and white Springer Spaniel, into the marriage.  When Tara passed on, they adopted Moses, a male liver and white Springer Spaniel.   He was soon joined by Bridget, a female black and white Springer Spaniel.  Eventually, they both passed on and Kent and Christine adopted two more dogs, Peace and Serenity, um make that Shadrach and Becky. Shadrach was a male black-and-tan Dachshund and Becky was a female blond American Cocker Spaniel. They were cuddly and peaceful most of the time, but then came along a noise or scent or some other disturbance of the force that needs to be announced and investigated. Then, peace and serenity were shattered.

2015 — 2019

Kent was single from 2015 to 2019.  During this time he retired from Buckingham Wealth (Palo Alto office) and worked on “who he was without Christine”, as suggested by Pastor Bonnie Bell, a beloved Pastor and friend.

In 2017, he started Lighthouse Advisors LLC in consultation with Edward Cho, a former colleague from Buckingham.  In June of 2021, Kent transferred all Lighthouse Advisors clients to Echo Advisory, LLC.

Kent and Barbara

Kent and Barbara Rice have been friends ever since she and her late husband, Bill, moved to Scotts Valley (about 30 years).

After Kent became widowed, Barbara was kind to include Kent in various family and holiday get-togethers.  They grew closer together, and decided to “upgrade” their friendship to a relationship in 2019.  During the pandemic “shelter-in-place” beginning in 2020, Barbara spent a lot of time with Kent.  And so began a new adventure for both, sharing the good times and the health challnnges.


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